I’ve often heard the word “ignorance” used in such a negative way, but is it really negative?  It can be, depending on what situation you’re in.  It could also be for the better that you do not know what is happening.  Is it really so bad to not know everything that there ever was, is, and will be in this world?  It’s okay to be ignorant!  We will never know everything that there is to know, it’s just not possible.
We don’t fault children for being ignorant of something that they’ve never seen before.  Why?  Because we haven’t taught them what they need to know yet.
So why is it that we fault adults for being ignorant?  Instead of being disrespectful about this word, start using it as feedback added with positive attributes or constructive criticism.  If you do happen to do this, help the person come up with ways to educate their self on the task at hand.
As humans, we spend our whole lives learning.  Take the feedback and roll with it.  Accept that we don’t know everything and start to educate yourself.  Strive to be the person who takes the ignorance and turns it into knowledge.